The boys giving it their all for their mommas!

Bring your Cross to Church of the Cross!

Welcome! We are a community of faith that invites and welcomes everyone to the worship of and service to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We desire to serve our Lord Jesus Christ as disciples in our community in full partnership and participation with one another as we find our place and our own humanity along the way. Through our service and worship we know that we are needed and that we belong to God.

We believe in sharing God’s love among all people, fostering and healing our community and growing the body of Christ at the Episcopal Church of the Cross.

Step into our faith community. You won’t want to leave.

CotC member Amonda Small being sworn into the United States Army!
(March 21, 2017):

CotC member Josh Benton in the Richland County School Bus Apprenticeship Program
(November 18, 2016):

CotC member Josh Benton in the news for participating in paid apprenticeship in high school
(September 20, 2016):

Monday School program in the news! – December 14, 2015