• Welcome!

    We are a community of faith that invites and welcomes everyone to the worship of and service to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

About Us

We are the local Episcopal Church serving the Garners Ferry/VA hospital area of Southeast Columbia. We are located at 7244 Patterson Road (the street running next to the Garner’s Ferry Wal-Mart) and next to Annie Burnside Elementary School. Sunday service begins at 10:30am during which time a nursery/Sunday school is provided. We offer a free breakfast every Sunday at 9:30am as well.

Our Mission


Everyone is welcome at Church of the Cross! Step into our faith community. You won't want to leave.

Community Outreach

Christian Closet, where we give away gently used clothing items and other goods, is just one of the many things we do to help our community. Want to make a difference? Come join us!

Youth Programs

Local at-risk youth are an important part of our outreach. We strive to improve the community around us by keeping children off of the streets and teaching them about God. We also strive to teach them the life skills they need to thrive as adults.